PiezoBarrel® Prices

Information and current prices

PiezoBarrel Price List (Australian Dollars)

PiezoBarrel® pickups can be used with a variety of instruments and you may wish to purchase the pickup only, or you may want to purchase a low cost clarinet barrel, bass clarinet mouthpiece or sax mouthpiece along with your pickup so you do not need to modify your own instrument or mouthpiece.

The price list below is in australian dollars but you can convert these to your own currency by looking up the corresponding conversion rate. One Australian Dollar is currently (Sept 2019) worth about 70 US cents

Note, the pricelist below is only a guide and other items are also available that are not listed here. Please feel free to email me at steve@musevibe.com if you would like to know more or obtain a quote. You can buy pickups as a package via my eBay store or you can buy direct by emailing me your requirements. Direct orders allow me to customise the order so that you have fittings suitable for the instrument or instruments you use and I don't send you pickup adapters that you will not be able to use.

PiezoBarrel® Pickups

PiezoBarrel 'Wood' (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Sax, Trombone etc.) supplied with brass inserts, blocking screws and cable)A$119
PiezoBarrel P9 (For trumpet) supplied with a brass insert, blocking screw and cable)A$119

PiezoBarrel® Accessories

Clarinet Barrel only (Plastic) with M6 brass thread and blocking screw (no pickup)A$20
Cable for PiezoBarrel pickups. 4 metre shielded cable with 6.3 mm (1/4 inch plug).A$10
Spare brass insert for Pickups (supplied free with pickup)A$5
Alto Sax plastic mouthpiece (US Made Bari Esperit rather than generic), ligature and cap with M6 threaded brass pickup adapter built-inA$50
Alto Sax plastic mouthpiece (generic unbranded), ligature and cap with M6 threaded brass pickup adapter built-inA$20
Soprano Sax plastic mouthpiece (US Made Bari Esperit), ligature and cap with M6 threaded brass pickup adapter built-in - email steve@musevibe.com to check for availability$60
Tenor Sax plastic mouthpiece (generic unbranded mouthpiece) with M6 threaded brass pickup adapter built-inA$25
Trumpet mouthpiece (1.5C, 3C, 5C or 7C) with adapter fitted on top of stem - email steve@musevibe.com to check for availabilityA$20
Domestic Postage and Handling* (Express Post to Australian addresses)A$12
International Postage and Handling* (with tracking)from A$25 - varies by location
*Note: Postage is charged only once for multiple items shipped together up to 500 grams. You can order pickups and other items via eMail at steve@musevibe.com. When ordering, please let me know what country you are in (for postage) and what instrument you will be using the pickup for so I can customise items such as fittings to best suit your instrument. I will send a PayPal invoice to your email address for payment - the invoice is just an offer and I will ship the items if the invoice is paid. I will ship to the address you provide to PayPal. Tracking is included and I will provide tracking information after shipping the parcel. A PiezoBarrel manual will be provided in PDF file format to save wasting paper.

Note: The plastic barrels and mouthpieces supplied work and are great if you don't want to drill your own mouthpiece or instrument or just want to try it out first. I generally do not supply expensive aftermarket parts but you can buy your own and get any competent technician/repairer to fit a thread for my pickups. To fit a pickup to an alto saxophone mouthpiece, a hole is drilled in the top or side of the mouthpiece, this will limit the amount of neck the mouthpiece can accomodate to about 40mm - a pickup adapter can alternatively be soldered onto the sax neck. For trumpet, the pickup has a brass adapter attached (soldered) to the mouthpiece shank above the receiver and a small hole (2mm diameter) is drilled into the mouthpiece bore.