About PiezoBarrel

PiezoBarrel Pickups:
A quantum leap in wind and brass instrument microphones

•  Signal Processing

•  Sound Reinforcement

•  Home or Studio Recording

Attached to the mouthpiece or body of your instrument it delivers
• natural tone
• high output
• low noise
• prevents feedback
• eliminates spill
• plugs directly into effect pedals


PiezoBarrel at work

Ideal for Stage, big band , solo, outdoor, with kit drummer, other electric instruments, direct to the mixing desk. etc...

Small enough to fit in your existing case.

has been used on;
• Clarinet
• Bass Clarinet
• Bassoon
• Saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone)
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• Euphonium
• Tuba
• Recorder
• Duduk
• Didgeridoo
• Other instruments.

Designed and made in Beenleigh Australia.

PiezoBarrel Philosophy:
Create a better world

My goals are to work hard, make great pickups, look after my customers and demonstrate good business ethics. What this means to me is to create the best products I can, always strive to do better, fulfill my promises and be trustworthy. As a customer, your enjoyment of my products is an important goal of mine. As I am working for you, I hope we can work together to foster the harmony that music brings to life.