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PiezoBarrel Price List

Prices and availability are subject to change so please feel free to email me for a quote, or you can get a rough idea from looking at my ebay store, but in general, all my pickups are all the same price, A$123 (Australian dollars) which is currently about $90 US Dollars or €85. The pickup always includes a 4 metre cable (about 13 feet) and usually two brass pickup adapters for you to fit the pickup to your instrument and thumb screws to seal the hole in your instrument when you are not using the pickup. As I make various types of adapters, I need to know what instrument or instruments you need adapters for so I can supply adapters that are suitable. Below are the currently available adapters, but the Type E solder-on adapters are available is different sizes to fit anything from an 8mm diameter bassoon bocal or french horn mouthpiece shank up to a 25mm bass clarinet neck, so I need to know, for instance, whether you need adapters for a tenor sax or an alto sax as they are different diameters and a slightly different adapter will be needed to fit the curvature of the neck.

Postage cost depends on location, but for Australia the cost is A$15 (Australian Dollars), for the US, Canada, Europe, the UK and Scandinavia the cost is A$40 which is about $30 USD or €29, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea are cheaper. Note that countries other than the USA generally tax goods from Australia on import, so there will be additional charges to pay when the parcel is processed by customs in those countries.

To make my pickups easier to use, I supply clarinet barrels that have adapters already installed for a very low additional cost, I also supply cheap student mouthpieces for alto and tenor sax and trumpet mouthpieces for trumpet. I also offer an installation service for trumpet mouthpieces that can be obtained in Australia or posted to me. The installation cost is A$30, or A$40 if I have to make a special adapter and of course the cost of the mouthpiece. I am not a music shop, I just make PiezoBarrel pickups (microphones), so I would have to buy a mouthpiece online and pay for postage to have it delivered to me, so I would have to pass on this cost. If you let me know what you want I can let you know what your options are and the cost.

If you want to buy through eBay, I have items listed in my eBay store. As not everything I have available will be listed on eBay feel free to contact me to enquire (see below). Note that I can not do much customisation of orders through eBay as eBay rules do not allow direct communication between buyers and sellers and I have to follow the eBay rules for all sales including the posting parcels within 24 hours. I can not alter eBay orders, and eBay do not provide direct communication between buyers and sellers via the ebay platform. However, if you buy through eBay, I still provide full support and after sales service, and you can email me directly via the link below. If you would like a copy of the PiezoBarrel manual (which I have available in PDF format) you can email me on the link below.

If you are in Europe (except Switzerland) or in the UK, buying through eBay has the benefit that eBay collect the tax (VAT) which simplifies customs processing and allows you to see in advance how much the tax will cost.

For enquiries, you can email me by clicking the link below. Note, that if you let me know what country you are in I can give you more information on prices and options.

Steve Francis:-)